C3 Kids

Church services for toddlers to primary school kids, and early teens

Every Sunday at C3 Zürich we offer a full kids program for little ones from 1 to 13 years and a safe nursing room for babies. We love seeing the light switch on as children learn and engage at every step in growing up, so each of our age groups focuses on the learning styles, development and equipping of that specific age. Our prayer is that C3 Kids build a strong foundation of the Father’s love as they grow up in the House!

We believe in the power of planting seeds in the next generation and creating engaging, creative spaces for kids to flourish in their unique and beautiful identity in Jesus Christ. C3 Kids are sons and daughters of the King — every child has a hope and future, a powerful grace on their lives and an influential calling for this city and beyond!

For 0 to 1 year olds

We have a dedicated room upstairs next to the auditorium, with safe and fun toys, diaper changing equipment, and a streaming device, so mums & dads can follow the service.


For Playgroup to 1st Kindergarden: (around 2 to 4 years old), meeting downstairs. As soon as a toddler feels comfortable to be without parental supervision they will be welcomed into this group. The format is a playgroup that includes bible stories, songs, games, and fun activities. On top of that, PreSchool and Primary start together with Kids-Perfect Worship at 10am. Remember to drop them off early so that everyone can start together.


For 1st Kindergarden – to 2nd Primary: (around 4 to 8 years old), meeting downstairs. Once your child is ready to do crafts, listen in a guided circle, talk in a small group setting, and is over 4 years old they are welcomed into the Primary group. This group will also include prayer. On top of this we are offering kids-worship together with Pre-schoolers downstairs before they go off to their groups.  Please drop your children off at 10am.

Treasury Kids

For 3rd to 6th Graders: (around 8 to 12 years old), meeting downstairs. A community oriented group wich aims to give children tools to read their own bible, experience God in answered prayers and support each other through authentic friendships. Children are ready for this group when they are able to write, read, discuss and pray together.

First time?

If it’s your first time coming to C3 Zürich and you have kids, then we’d love for you to click on the button below and let us know. That way we can help you and your kids find the right place to go on Sunday.

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