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Serve at C3 Church Zurich

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

There is a place for you!

Serving in the church is much more than giving some time and talent.

It is a real investment in other people’s lives and it will transform your own life.

Be a tool in God’s hands and join a team!


Make people feel at home at C3 Zürich!

Join this team.

Our Welcome Team is one of the most important jobs at church. Smiling, remembering people’s names, and making them feel comfortable is so important and is a big part of C3 culture.
Arrive early to set up. Serve Coffee, as our church fills up. During the service you make sure the service runs smoothly by dimming the lights, helping people find seating, count the people, etc.
After the service you surprise everybody with radical hospitality. There is food, you take time to talk to the new people, listen to them, and help them to be connected right away. Try to get them to fill out a welcome card.


Make Church amazing for our Kids!

Join this team.

With our attitude, our words, and actions we give our best so that the time spent at C3 Zürich is one of the highlights of the kids’ week. If kids love God and love church, parents will have it so much easier to experience the same.

We are part at least of a monthly turn, arriving early and helping to set up the kids room. During the service you will play with the kids, tell them stories, pray with them and make sure no one gets bullied. When the service is coming to an end, you get the kids ready to go back, and pack up the kids stuff.


Let's set the atmosphere!

Join this team.

The sound team is one of the teams that does most of the work unnoticed. A lot of the responsibilities are carried out before the crowd gets to church, or after some have left. During the service you make things flow. The best sound guy is the one no one notices yet he contributes at least 50% to what makes the band sound great.
Your job will be to arrive early and set everything up together with the band. After that the band does a quick rehearsal following the sound check. During the service you have to be on your toes to get music playing or instruments muted and un-muted in just the right moment. In the end we pack up together.


Let's make this place awesome!

Join this team.

Slides are an important part of the church Service. It’s a behind the scenes task that most people won’t notice until it doesn’t work properly. Yet in the subconscious it is very important. people are impressed and feel at home when everything runs well and a big thanks will be to you.
In fact it is advertising for C3 Zürich. You will make us look good!

Your job is to arrive early, set up the projector and make sure all the slides are available. Sometimes you will need to prepare a slide or song last minute because getting the Info took longer than planned.
You will also work closely with the sound guy providing background music at the appropriate time when the band isn’t on stage.


Let's inspire people!

Join this team.

A church that only exists on Sunday is not a family. Social events and projects bring people closer together and give them the opportunity to live church outside of church. This ministry is about bringing fun, variety, entertainment, community, and relationships into the church life.

We organize special events such as the Christmas Party, the Welcome Brunch, Women’s/Men’s Events, or the Church Weekend and are involved in planning different social projects all year round.

If you have ideas and enthusiasm, love to make something happen, or simply have a knack for organizing, this is your team. You can either be part of the ongoing planning activities or make a specific event during the year your own.


Let's make C3 Zürich visible!

Join this team.

C3 Zürich communicates in the language of today.

Social Media, Web, Graphics and Print are a key part of giving a visual impact of who we are as a community, and of bringing Jesus into peoples hearts and minds daily.

Our team makes sure this happens in a consistent, contemporary, constant way.

If you have an eye for graphic design, or love not only to consume, but to produce on social media, or love to design pages that are not only visible but also findable on the web, if you love to produce videos, photos, flyers, this is your team.

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